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 Africa Institute of Medical Services and Technology (AIMST), is a 501(C)3 nonprofit/not for profit institution registered in Georgia, USA that plans to transform rural communities, especially, in Ghana into a hub of industry and technology to promote social and economic self-reliance in an environmentally conscious green community that will seek to fuse the good between indigene and diaspora Africans who explore to make Africa home. It also aims to create a culturally welcoming environment for all friends of Africa seeking work and happiness in Ghana.


 AIMST has the goal of contributing to improving the health services, health education, and medical infrastructure in rural areas of Ghana in the short term, and in other African countries in the long run. The ultimate outcome of this goal will be a tertiary institution that would help rebuild and empower local communities to find lasting solutions to fight poverty, hunger, and diseases, as well as reduce the migration from rural to urban areas.

Embark on your journey at AIMST, where your education goes beyond the classroom to impact lives and transform communities.

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