Our mission is to uplift the future of the people of the Oti region, connecting her people and its communities to healthcare and education resources, enabling and empowering communities within and beyond.

AIMST has the goal of contributing to improving the health services, health education, and medical infrastructure in rural areas of Ghana in the short term, and in other African countries in the long run. The ultimate outcome of this goal will be a tertiary institution that would help rebuild and empower local communities to find lasting solutions to fight poverty, hunger, and diseases, as well as reduce the migration from rural to urban areas.

Oti Region &

Healthcare Education

The Oti Region in Ghana where Kete Krachi is the hub, is mainly rural with a high poverty rate. There are no job opportunities or tertiary institutions around that area. The short term goal of AIMST is to found a Junior College, The Oti Institute of Science & Technology (OIST), to train students in Health Sciences/Agriculture; and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) programs. Students would be charged to provide health and science education services to students in the area as well as train and empower the community to be economically viable.




People Living In
The Oti Region

Number of Medical Training Programs

Midwifery Training


Number of Doctors

1 doctor for every

85,555 persons